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To-Do List for Effective Packaging

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Ever heard of judging a book by its cover? Today, consumer judge products by their cover, that is, the packaging. In the 21st century, packaging is not only protecting a product or making it sell-able. It is much more. It is a reflection of the value that a product provides and the value systems that the brand represents. In other words, it is the canvas on which an organization displays its story. Over the years packaging has evolved as a marketing tool in itself which promotes the product. Today, packaging plays a critical role in increasing sales and creating customer loyalty.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Here are a few tricks and tools to optimally package your products:

1. Do Your Research

While designing the optimal packaging for your products, these are a few things to be kept in mind:

A. Nature and Contents of the Product

The nature of your product is one of the key factors that will determine the type of packaging to be selected. Of course, protecting the product is quintessential. Certain perishable products like milk and canned food require a thick layer of packaging. These items require a larger degree of efforts and investment for making the packaging protective. That doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive. With modern technology, even such kind of packaging can be made appealing to attract more and more customers and ensure repeat purchases. Irrespective of the material used for packaging, it is important to remember that products may be made in factories, but brands are made in the minds of the customers. Our experts specialize in undertaking extensive research-based designing to ensure that your brand imprints on the minds of your customers via your packaging.

B. The Target Audience for the Product

Understanding the preferences of your target audience is key while making designing choices. Using psychology while designing the packaging makes it more effective. A product designed for kids should have a different colour scheme vis-à-vis a product designed for women or senior citizens. Each colour also has a significance in packaging. A luxury product definitely requires premium packaging to match with what the brand stands for. Whereas a mass product must be attractive but may not require high-quality material keeping in mind the costs. Our experts ensure that your design is optimal and all-encompassing.

C. Shelf-Life & Overall Durability of the Product

Study the product thoroughly even beyond its expiry (if any). Evaluation of the product's life cycle will determine the quality and type of material to be used.

If the packaging design is aligned with the above factors, it will ensure the right balance between protecting the product and attracting customers. The outcome will be an attractive package with the right elements.

2. Utilizing Nature and User-Friendly Materials

Becoming environmentally conscious is no longer a choice. It is a necessity if the human race wants to survive. Globally, people have started becoming environmentally conscious. Making the packaging nature-friendly has several benefits: it is not only beneficial to our planet but also gathers appreciation and reduces packaging costs.

User-friendly packaging means packages that can be easily handled by the consumer. Here, the aim is simple: user convenience. The concept revolves around making the package design and features simple yet distinctive. This also means that the packaging process is far more simplified than the systems used for extensive packaging. A common example of this is resealable pouch packaging using paper or recyclable materials instead of sealing the product which requires the customer to use a pair of scissors to rip it open.

A combination of nature-friendly and user-friendly packaging is what we call a “smart package”: it saves cost and also manages to stand out.

3. Reusing Packaging Leftovers

Often, packaging leftovers are treated as waste. These can instead be reused in packaging itself, such as for making other parts of the package like the 'seal' from the leftover package instead of disposing it off. Reusing this waste will require a one-time investment of adopting the right packaging process, and the result will be continually reduced costs. Decide how useful leftovers can be segregated and which part of the package can be made by it. This may require skilled assistance from industry veterans who are observant and cautious for successful implementation of such a process. Our experts would be happy to help you with optimally designing your packaging process. To know more, write to us at

Reducing such wastage will positively affect the efficiency of the packaging process. Moreover, with the same amount of material, now more packages can be made. This means more profits!

4. Appropriate Packaging System

Depending on the type of product, the number of units to be manufactured, floor space and budgetary allocations, the right packaging systems must be adopted. You can either use automatic, semi-automatic or manual packaging lines based on what fits your product and organization. A combination of all three can also be utilized if it leads to packaging efficiency. Click Here to know more about this.

5. Set Control Parameters & Standards

Establishing and maintaining specific measures for quality, wastage and material handling is a positive step towards controlling costs and ensuring a qualitative outcome. In automatic machines, it is easy to set and manage such standards. Whereas, for semi-automatic and manual systems the workers can be trained for adequate handling of equipment. If any deviations from the set measures are found, then a corrective plan must be put into action along with an interrogation as to what caused it.

In Conclusion

It is clear that optimum packaging serves as a cost-saving and waste-reducing tool. It represents your brand. Moreover, it also paves the way for businesses to become good corporate citizens. A majority of consumers prefer to buy products that are certified as environment-friendly. VYNXPACK has the expertise to understand your packaging systems and accordingly assist you in taking optimal packaging decisions. VYNXPACK proactively advises its clients on how to maintain a balance between being customer-centric and profitable. VYNXPACK packaging operations have a laser-sharp focus on providing enhanced brand value at affordable prices via packaging.

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